Not Your Granny’s Sewing Room

It really isn’t my grandmothers or even my mothers sewing room.  And it’s hard to decide what is most important.  Most people would say it’s my Pfaff Expressions 3.0 sewing machine.  My favorite part of this machine, aside from the extended throat and Pfaff’s IDT (integrated dual feed technology), are it’s decorative Obey and Streetlight Manifesto stickers.  I would say even more importantly are my Mac book, an endless source of music, videos, and quilting inspiration; or a delicious adult beverage ;).  Other important modern additions are my Ottlight sewing lights, which allow me to see colors clearly in my otherwise dungeon-like sewing room (Lovingly refered to by Calvin as “the sweat shop”).  I have a wonderful throwback Black and Decker Iron.  A new addition to the sewing room after my old sunbeam took a dive (off my ironing board).  I am also armed with a slew of fancy rotary cutters, spring action scissors (thanks to Calvins amazing Mom) and self healing cutting mats.  Even with all these modern conveniences I like to think that I am doing my Grandmother proud, carrying on this beautiful family tradition.


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