Amy Butler Radiance Quilt

January 24, 2013 was Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!  Being a loving supporter of my local quilt shops I just had to participate, so after work I made my way down to The French Seam.  “The French Seam opened it’s doors in early summer, 2011.  Linda Compton and Courtney Young, mom and daughter, wanted to make fine fabrics accessible to the sewing community in Indianapolis and the Midwest.  The French Seam offers a selection of fashion fabrics, patterns, classes and notions that inspire all, from beginner to advanced sewing enthusiast!”  They were having a super sale that day to celebrate and I was able to snag a mixture of 20 fat quarters from Amy Butler’s Alchemy and Cameo collections.  I have been wanting to make a quilt from Amy Butler’s fabrics for some time, and this was the perfect opportunity for me to stock up.  I was so excited I immediately went home, washed them, dried them, pressed them, and refolded them.

Again the dilemma of what pattern to use.  I had two yellows, a few pinks/reds, a few more shades of green, and a slew of blues.  That’s when it hit me, yellow in the middle radiating out to blue.  I decided on equilateral triangles to give it some movement.  I carefully measured and remeasured to ensure I would use the most of my fabrics.  Unlike most quilters I hate having scraps at the end of a project.  I just never quite know what to do with them.

initial layout

As it started to come together it was time to head to JoAnns to find a solid fabric I could use for the back.  I went back and forth between purple and this fun bright green, but ended up settling on purple, and boy I’m glad I did.

back choice

With my backing fabric ready to go it was off to…my office.  That’s right I went to work on a Saturday, not to work but to take advantage of the GIGANTIC conference table.  The perfect surface for basting quilts.  I am able to lay out a large quilt, sit in a comfy chair, jam out to some good music and get basted.  For quilts that are larger than the conference table, I start in the middle and carefully slide it over untill the each side is basted.

A sidenote on basting:  I have tried a number of different basting methods.  I have found the method that works best for me is a combination of spray basting and pins.  The spray helps get everything nice and smooth and stuck together.  I have found that it is very important to work from the middle and work out when you are spray basting, but if you do get a few bubbles or ripples it is simple to peel apart and reposition it.  I also find it helpful to pin baste my quilts.  I am fairly slow at quilting and my sewing space is quite small, so my quilts get moved around a lot.  All that movement can cause the spray basting to lose its stick.  Pinning ensures that everything stays where it’s supposed to.


For the quilting I used a multi color variegated thread that blended in nicely with the top, and a solid purple that disappeared on the back.  I quilted it in a straight line hexagon pattern.  Again I could not be happier with how this quilt turned out.

front back


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