By now you are probably wondering “wow, this girl is cranking out some quilts.”  Let me explain.  Our friend Shaw is the founder of Team Etsy of Indiana and the Etsy Artisans of Indiana Art and Craft Show.  This year the show is being held September 28-29 at Brown County High School.  When Shaw found out I was a quilter he encouraged me to try and sell some items at the show.  I have hesitently agreed.  This means I need to get cracking so I have something to sell.  That being said, on to the next finish.

For this quilt I used six fat quarters of Timber and Leaf by Sarah Watts and kona solids.  The Timber and Leaf fabrics feature fox faces, bears, dear, birds, and trees in very calm colors.  I chose a coordinating smokey turquoise for the front and a smokey purple for the back.

pics pics 2

The pattern I selected was #156 Round and Round by Camille Roskelley for Thimble Blossoms.  I liked the movement that the spinning stars gave, and the modern use of open space.  The pattern calls for a charm pack (~42 pre-cut 5-inch squares), but worked just as well with my fat quarters (with a little extra cutting).  The pattern uses a method where you sew a square with a 1/4-inch seam around two 5-inch charm squares right sides together, then cut on the diagonal resulting in four small half square triangles.  This aspect of this quilt was very easy and went quick, but that is where the quick and easy stopped.   The 16″ square blocks are composed of various sized background strips, and every other star spins the opposite direction.  What looked like a simple pattern ended up being very labor intensive.  But I charged ahead knowing the finished product was going to be beautiful.

 start layout

(I apologize for the weird lighting, we live in an apartment and I do most of my sewing at night.)

And boy was I right.  I used a turquoise thread that disappears on the top of the quilt but pops against the smoky purple backing.  For the quilting pattern I went back and forth between circles and straight lines.  I wanted to keep the movement of the spinning stars, so I settled on straight lines set on a diagonal that makes a big X.  I accomplished this by using my 6-inch by 24-inch acrylic ruler to draw the lines on the quilt top with a chalk wheel.  All the lines are parallel or perpendicular to the piecing.  This process was also very labor intensive, but well worth it.

front back

Update, September 30, 2013:  This quilt sold at the 2013 Etsy Artists of Indiana Brown County Art Show!


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