Who has two thumbs…

and the best big sister in the world?  This girl!

birthday 1

Monday I celebrated my 29th birthday.  (I am clinging to my 20s for dear life.)  My AMAZING sister Jennie sent me not one but two gift certificates to my two favorite quilt shops, The French Seam and Crimson Tate.  My first stop was The French Seam on Monday when I got out of work.  I knew right away that I wanted to get some apparel fabric to make a Colette Crepe dress.  I made this dress this past winter from a nice dark brown wool, and I love it.  So I wanted to make another to wear this summer.  I used the rest of this gift card to get a great print from Luxe in Bloom by Sarah Watson for Art Gallery Fabrics.  I especially love the little lizards on this print.

birthday 2

My next stop was Crimson Tate on Tuesday, where I scored these lovelies.

birthday 3

I got a bundle of 15 fat quarters of shot cottons, three yards of dark blue solid to go with my Luxe in Bloom, a couple yards of Cassette Tapes by Timeless Treasures, a yard of Ghost Geo by Kyla May for Timeless Treasures, and a half yard of black star charts print by Lizzy House.  I could not be happier.  Thanks sis!  Best birthday ever. 


3 thoughts on “Who has two thumbs…

  1. Happy birthday! 29 is such a fantastic age…I should know, this year I will celebrate the 28th anniversary of my 29th birthday. I haven’t changed an iota from my 1st run through of 29 (hah). I had to look hard to see those lizards which is a great feature in a print…always something new to see….reminds me of Tula Pinks ability to hide things in plain sight. Please model dress when complete 🙂

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