Free Motion Quilting Class

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a spot in Crimson Tate’s Free Motion Quilting class.  The class was taught by expierenced and very tallented quilter Marianne Sullivan.  The class was 4 hours of learning, experimenting, giggles and a little bit of frustration.  Marianne provided a wonderful handout with lots of information on types of needles, types of thread, and other troubleshooting tips.  We looked at a variety of quilting patterns and motifs in books and on quilts she has made over the years.  We discussed how to match the quilting to the pieced top, and we even got to discuss different ways to quilt our own projects we had brought to class.  It was very informative and I could not be happier that I was able to attend.  Here are the samples I was able to make during our class.

FMQ 2  FMQ 1

I was even able to free motion quilt my name by the end of the class!  I may not be an expert yet, but I feel much more confident in my free motion quilting skills now, and I can’t wait to tackel a new project.

What has your experience been with free motion quilting?  Do you have any tips you would like to share?

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