Thank you Jacquie Gering

Last night I had the privilege of hearing Jacquie Gering of the blog Tallgrass Prairie Studio speak for the Indianapolis Quilting Guild.  It was AMAZING.  She began with a Powerpoint presentation, and spoke about how she got started in quilting (only 5 years ago). She spoke of her family and her inspirations, and how her quilting journey has evolved.  There were lots of giggles and even a few tears.  She is a beautiful person, and I am so grateful I was able to hear her speak.  After her presentation she showed over a dozen quilts.  Explaining not only the technical/design aspect of each one, but the personal significance of each. 

Color Wheel

She spoke of how every artist should have a color wheel in their studio, but as she was making hers she decided to chang the design up a little.  I think it is beautiful.

broken cogs

She explained how traditional shapes can be changed to something new, like in this modified dresden plate quilt.

connected to John

She spoke of her personal connections to the quilts she makes.  This quilt was made by a quilting bee group she is part of, and was inspired by a drawing her youngest son had made as a child.  While at the same time exploring new design concepts such as the use of negative space and off-grid layouts.

tunnel vision front

She explained how it’s ok to not use “traditional” fabrics.  The ladies holding the quilts up for display could attest that this quilt was extremely heavy, and Jacquie admitted that it was made from home decor weight fabric because she liked the color/print.

points  green

She explained that many modern quilters do not use boarders on their quilts, but sometimes it can be interesting to make the boarders themselves the focal point of a quilt.

stitch and flip slice and insert

She spoke about her stitch and flip triangles, and her slash and insert technique.


Near the end of her show she spoke about the impact the Boston Marathon Bombing had on her, resulting in Aftermath (above).  She also showed pictures of her “Bang your dead!” quilt, and discussed the inspiration for it.  It was an emotional and moving night.

Although, I have to say, my favorite part was seeing Jacquie’s Fracture Quilt!


This quilt was the inspiration for Eric’s quilt.  I was so proud to show my version to Jacquie, and I think she liked it.  I am one proud happy quilter!


2 thoughts on “Thank you Jacquie Gering

  1. Thanks for sharing your evening and sharing the quilts. I loved all the inspiring photos. I love Fractured by J. Gering.

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