A BIG finish

One of the first quilt tops I made was a lone star. But not just any lone star, a king size lone star. Because go big or go home, right? Well the top turned out lovely and thats as far as it went. I had no idea how to quilt the darn thing. I have no clue what I was thinking. Fast forward a few years. A few more skills under my belt and a little more knowledge. I have not made another king size quilt, but I have met a dear friend who happens to be a talented long arm quilter. For those of you not in the know. A long arm quilter is not someone resembling a gorilla that likes to sew, but a wonderful person with a home or studio large enough to accommodate a larger than average sewing machine and a frame to hold the quilt. Basically a long arm machine works the opposite of a standard machine in that you move the machine while the fabric stays in place on the frame. It makes the process of quilting a gigantic king size quilt much easier and much more pleasant.  And the end result looks amazing.

top 2

It is a little more traditional than I tend to work these days, but I think it is a nice nod to the quilts my grandmother and great-grandmother made.

center star center star zoom top 1

Do you prefer traditional or modern quilts?

2 thoughts on “A BIG finish

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