Quilt Shop Visit – Pink Castle

Last week I was lucky enough to be sent to Ann Arbor, Michigan on business.  Well I guess going on a business trip isn’t very lucky, or fun for that matter.  However, Ann Arbor is home to the lovely Pink Castle Fabrics.  So I made some time in my work schedule to pop in for a visit, and boy am I glad I did.  The girls working that day were lovely, and due to the Labor Day holiday they were having a 20% off sale.  Winner Winner!  I started off getting some simple grey blender by Timeless Treasures to use as a back for a quilt i am working on.


Next I picked up a couple pieces of Lush Uptown by Erin Michael for Moda.  I would like to say that I am totally in Love with this collection.  The colors have a fun 1950’s feel and I think the paint by number motif is a great nod to that era as well.  I am not yet sure what I am going to use these lovelies for, but I had to get them.


Then, while drooling over their selection of Japaese prints I found this gem.


Mustacherukka by Trofle for Kokka.  I completly fell in love with the fun vignettes of animals, and the text is too cute.  This is another that I don’t know what I will do with, but a sale is a sale and I couldn’t resist.

Finally, if you are familar with Pink Castle you know about their AMAZING bundles.  They have blender bundels, solid bundles, collection bundles, designer bundles, bundles that the shop employees put together, and … blogger bundles.  I love the blogger bundles.  I think it is lots of fun to see what other quilt bloggers are putting together and using for quilts.  The mixes of colors and prints always suprise me and give me such inspiration.  They had piles of lovely bundles stacked across several shelves in the shop, and I knew I had to get one.  But which one?  I loved a little orange and brown collection, and I loved a purple group, but ooooo the blue ones are sooo good too.  What’s a girl to do?  That’s when it hit me, I would make my own bundle!  I decided for my bundle I wanted a mix of orange and purple.  Two colors I don’t normally use or like, but I wanted to challenge my creative side.  I also wanted to pick fabrics that I haven’t seen in my local quilt shops in Indy.  With a little help from the girls in the shop we came up with these nine fabrics.


In order left to right:  1. Reflection for Waterfront Park by Violet Craft, 2. Tick Tock for Micro Mod by Green Bee Patterns, 3. Quietude for Tule by Leah Duncan, 4. 1,000 Cranes for Tsuru by Rashida Coleman Hale, 5. Scalloped Edge for Koi by Rashida Coleman-Hale, 6. Domino Dot for Waterfront Park By Violet Craft, 7. Just Color by Studio E, 8. Bullseye from Indian Summer by Sarah Watson, and 9. Cuckoo Clocks for Storybook Lane by Kelly Lee-Creel

When I got home I went through my stash and made a stop by my local quilt shop Crimson Tate to pick up a few additions.


Top Row, Left to Right: 1. Supernova for Constellations by Lizzy House, 2. Amy Butler Love Sun Spots in Tangerine, 3. Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille, 4. TBD, and 5. Raindrops for Prince Charming by Tula Pink.

I had so much fun thanks to the ladies of Pink Castle!  Hope to visit again soon!


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