Quilting as play

Sometimes it’s nice to just pull some fabric together and make something fun/easy/improvisational for no reason other than to just play.  That’s just what happened the other night.  These lovely fabrics were pulled together from various parts of my stash.


The print (the obvious inspiration here) was a little less than a fat quarter, the yellow was a fat quarter, the blue and purple were half yards, and the gray was an odd cut that was probably around a half yard as well.  I have been really in love with the great plus quilts that I have been seeing lately, and I wanted something that I could just whip up quickly (for the pure and simple satisfaction of getting something finished).  So I quickly got to cutting my squares.  That late night frenzy resulted in this…

layout 1

Please excuse the poor quality photo, I think it was 2 am.  After all that cutting and getting it laid out I was…underwhelmed.  I decided to let it sit and see how I felt about it in a few days.  Still unhappy days later I decided to rework these beautiful fabrics into this…

finished top

Eureka! Just what I was looking for.  A lovely baby quilt added to the “to be quilted pile”.

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