Stitch-Flip Zig-Zag Finish!

You may remember the Stitch-Flip Zig-Zag quilt from a few weeks back.  I finally got this bad boy finished and I thought I would share it with you as my entry into this seasons Bloggers Quilt Festival in the baby quilt category.  This is my first year entering, so please show your support, and vote for me!

photo 2

I decided on a lovely collection of bright yellows and grays for this quilt.  The pattern was inspired by one of my favorite modern quilters Jacquie Gearing, and my tutorial for this quilt top can be found on the previous post.

photo 4

For the quilting I had originally planned on simple free-motion all over circles, but when it got right down to it I decided I wanted to showcase the piecing a bit more.  So I went with a free-motion wavy lines/zig-zag in the yellow areas.  I am so glad I changed my mind.  I think it turned out great.  And it gave me an opportunity to try out a different free-motion quilting pattern.

back and binding detail

With a super nerdy back and a sweet pink binding it will be a warm and cuddly welcome to Baby-Girl-Brink from Auntie Meggers!

Quilt stats:

Quilt size: 37 inches X 43 inches

Block/Pattern/Layout/Design: Improvisational stitch and flip.

Pieced and free motion quilted on Pfaff Quilt Expression 3.0 by Meghan Eschbaugh.



2 thoughts on “Stitch-Flip Zig-Zag Finish!

  1. Oooh, I love the technique and have never seen a chevron done this way before! I really like how it’s not your average pointy zigzag – it looks more like highlighter scribbles. Very cool effect!

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