Home sweet home quilt

A while back I was blessed to receive the Parson Gray Seven Wonders collection from David Butler. And it took me a while longer to decide what I was going to make. I wanted to make something original, that would impress Mr. Butler. I started thinking about what his inspiration for the collection may have been…the seven wonders of the ancient world. Pyramids, the hanging gardens of Babylon, Zeus at Olympus… I thought of different egyptian patterns… On and on, but nothing was really grabbing me. Then while looking at some aerial imagery at work one day, it hit me. The patterns and colors reminded me of the earth. And what better way to showcase these fabrics than in a map quilt! And being originally from Michigan I knew it had to be a map of Michigan!


I used google earth to get a view of Michigan I thought would work as a quilt, and I used the latitude and longitude lines as a rough guide for my patchwork. I decided with the different colors in the collection the blues and whites would be the great lakes surrounding the lower peninsula, and the grays oranges and greens would be the land. And with those three different color groups for the land it would be perfect to show the change of seasons moving down the state with the grays being winter to the north, orange fall in the middle and lush green summer in the south.

parson gray 2 parson gray

Because longitude and latitude lines don’t make a perfect grid I decided my blocks needed to be 4.5 inches wide X 5 inches tall (unfinished). This would result in a nice size quilt and would hopefully keep the right proportion for my map. Along the boundary between my land and my lakes I am free hand cutting curved pieces that I think will approximate the curving coast of Michigan. Once I have all of my coastline done I think this quilt top will come together quickly. It is a little slow going, but with lots of other projects in the works I am givig myself credit for getting this much done so far. What is your work in progress?

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Quilting

So, you always see those drawings on Facebook where if you like some company’s page they will pick a random person and send them free stuff.  I always think, there is no way I will ever win.  But I click that silly like button anyhow, and move on with my life resigned that I will never win.

Well not this time!  Let me start by saying that David Butler is THE MAN.  For those of you who don’t know David Butler is a fabric designer and singer for the Black Owls (awesome band, check them out) and he happens to be married to fabric designer Amy Butler.  Together they are a design power house.  I love everything both of them make.  Recently David released his newest fabric collection Seven Wonders.  I had seen it at my local quilt shop, Crimson Tate, and I needed it in my life.

And that’s when fate took an interesting turn.  David announced that if you “liked” his fabric page, Parson Gray, and his band’s page, The Black Owls, he would randomly select one person to receive his new collection of fabric and some Black Owls swag.  I though “I can do that, but I will probably never win” and went about my merry way.

Well lookie lookie what came in the mail.DB box

Inside the box was a signed card from David, three Black Owls CDs (promptly loaded into my itunes), some Black Owls stickers (one of which is now proudly displayed on my Pfaff), a Black Owls T, and this lovely stack of the new Seven Wonders collection.

fat stack

The collection comes in two colorways, cool and warm, that complement each other very nicely.  I can’t wait to get started on a project using these fabrics.  Stay tuned!