Easy Hexagon Star Quilt

I recently posted some snapshots of this quilt in various places… 9

…and I have gotten some great feedback and requests for a pattern.  So I thought I would put together a little tutorial.  This quilt is very simple to construct with no Y-seams despite being constructed from hexagons.

One comment I got a lot was that the photos make the quilt look big, but it’s not.  This pattern is for a baby quilt, but is easily adaptable to a larger size.  My quilt finished at approximately 40-inches square.


2 Moda Honeycomb Solids packs (or 72 6-inch hexagons)

Cut 5 of your hexagons in half.  These will be used to finish of the edges of the quilt.


Various prints cut into 3.5-inch equilateral triangles (23 groups of 6, or 138 total)

You can make all of the triangles different for a scrappy look or make groups of 6 matching triangles to get the star look that I used.

If you would like the star look I HIGHLY recommend laying out the entire quilt before sewing anything together.  You could also work from a sketch, but I think it is just easier to lay it out.


7Now comes the fun part, construction.  This quilt is worked in columns (or rows depending on how you look at it), and can easily be chain pieced.  I place the top left triangle on the first hexagon (or half hexagon), and the top right triangle on the next hexagon down the column.  Then repeat this all the way down the column.





Then stitch the triangles to the hexagons to form diamonds.  When you are stitching the triangles to the Hexagons make sure the corners of the triangle extend a ¼ inch past the edges of the hexagon.  Press the seams towards the triangles to aid in alignment in the next step.

Next stitch the diamonds together.  The seams where the triangles are stitched to the hexagons should just overlap; this will result in perfect points that meet in the middle.

photo 5

photo 1Press this seam open, to reduce bulk, and repeat for each column.

photo 2

Finally, stitch your columns together.

photo 3

See, wasn’t that easy?  Once you have your rows together you can baste and quilt.  I left my edges angled, but you can trim them straight or add extra triangles to make your quilt a little larger.  Once my quilt was quilted I trimmed the extra half hexagons to make my quilt square.

To finish this quilt I backed it with this cute Heather Ross frog print, and “straight line ” quilted wavy vertical lines.  If you make a star quilt of your own, please share it on Instagram or flicker and tag me.  I would love to see your creations!



24 thoughts on “Easy Hexagon Star Quilt

  1. Hello i just saw your beautiful quilt, when i searched on the web for a chart who give the dimension of equilateral triangle for an hexagon more bigger than 6 inches. How to calculate for an twelve or more inches hexagon? I would like to make an log cabin hexagon block and i am looking for a mathematic formula or anything else to facilitate my block construction. DO you have an idea? Thank you in advance
    Have a nice week end
    Brigitte from Québec City

    • I found that the triangle must be 1/4 inch larger than one side of the hexagon. A 12 inch hexagon needs triangles that have sides of 12 1/4 inch.

  2. I do epp for grandmother’s flower garden but this I will try on my machine thanks for the tutorial will post on instagram when done

  3. Very cute. I’m thinking it would be a great pattern for a little eye spy quilt. I have a new grand baby coming in May and a 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. I think we need one at our house. Thank you.

  4. Great tutorial !!! I was sure it was columns, but thought up and down, not diagonal. Nice job, nice quilt. Love it !!!

  5. Excited to find this easy hex pattern! Thanks for sharing! Couple of questions:
    What are the dimensions of your finished quilt?
    If I cut all the triangles from the same fabric, any idea how much fabric I would need?

  6. Thanks so much for great info! I started a quilt like this and thought I had figured out the simplest
    way to sew it together…your method is much much better!! Thanks again for sharing!!

  7. Are the hexagons 6 inch finished
    and are the triangles 3.5 inches
    I’m excited to start this quilt for my
    Granddaughter that is due in

  8. Thanks so much for creating this wonderful tutorial! I’ve always loved this pattern and now I’m not afraid to try it. You’re an angel! 🙂

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